About the Artist


That’s what birthed the first Hometown pins.

I was away from home capturing photos and video across India and Israel for a client to use in their marketing materials. This company provides audio Bibles for approximately 1 billion illiterate people around the world.

Amazing opportunity, right? Absolutely.

But the trip spanned late October through mid-November, so I was missing Halloween in Woodstock — my favorite time of year in my favorite place.

On long flights. In hotel lobbies. While enjoying copious amounts of curry and chai. All my free time was spent designing pins of my favorite Woodstock places. I had no plans to do anything with these designs, they existed entirely for me.

A few months later, the world found itself in the midst of a pandemic and many of my Woodstock neighbors found themselves in a tough spot. I wanted to help. So I dug out my pin designs and hoped there were people that shared my love of Woodstock enough to buy them. The community blew my socks off.

Thanks so much for all the support of this little pin venture and for loving our neighbors with me.